Tuning Out To Tune In

We need to ‘cut the information umbilical cord’ – so says Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Work Week. We can’t read and listen to everything, right? Although I sometimes seem to attempt this!

Could we benefit from tuning out from the information overload and tuning in to ourselves? There is so much to know and to learn. We can be eager to acquire knowledge from external sources out of curiosity or to ‘better ourselves’.

I believe, we can go too far on this. There is a lot of ‘noise’. Our minds can get so tired. There is such peace and replenishment in taking a mental break, perhaps just listening to the birds, just drinking a cup of tea. Nothing more.

I also feel that when we over-consume information, we can feed into a subconscious belief that the knowledge is ‘out there’. This can cut us of from our inner wisdom, our gut, our instinct.

Can we turn inwards and listen to ourselves more? ‘What do I feel about this?’ ‘What does my body tell me?’ ‘What do I think?’ ‘How do I choose to move right now?’ This is inner authority. It supports us living in ways that are true to us uniquely.

If you have a tendency to endlessly consume knowledge, how would it be, as an experiment, to stop that for one week? Or maybe a month? And replace that with more stillness, more tuning in to the moment, more tuning into yourself? What peace might lie there? What inner knowing? What may be discovered from within? Maybe get still, tune in and find out!