Foundation Mindfulness Courses – workplace

Mindfulness for Well-being and Effectiveness in the Workplace

Foundation courses take place over multiple sessions with gaps of 2 to 3 weeks in between. The gaps give participants the chance to practise meditation between sessions.

Possible configurations are:

  • 3 day course

    (16 hrs total)

    This configuration is highly recommended.

  • full day, followed by 2 half days course

    (11 hrs total)

    If the workplace has not done a half day taster, then it is useful to begin with a full day.

  • 3 half days course

    (9 hrs total)

    If the workplace has already put on a half day taster, then this configuration is possible

A note on your course options

The longer the exposure to the training, the greater the impact.

If you need to discuss other possible configurations, then just get in touch via the contact page on this page.

The foundation level courses enable you to begin to develop a sustainable meditation practice.

Thus you can start to experience the multiple benefits mindfulness can bring, particularly in the areas of well-being and effectiveness.

These foundation courses are designed for beginners, although those with some meditation experience are also welcome.  You do not need to have done a Tall Spaghetti introductory course first.

Also an important aspect of the foundation courses is meeting again to discuss your experience of meditating.  This helps you to develop your meditation practice bit by bit.  This is why foundation courses are multi-part with gaps in between the sessions to put the content into practice before meeting again.

Over the duration of the course, you will begin to weave mindfulness into your work and life.  Meditation cultivates or ‘trains’ mindfulness.  You will be equipped to continue the mindfulness journey for yourself beyond the course through mindfulness meditation.

There is a requirement of daily home practice (20 to 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation) after each part of a foundation course.

It is important that attendance on a foundation course is voluntary.  A workplace can offer a taster session to help people decide if they would like to undertake this fuller foundation course and to begin to introduce them to this theme.

A multi-part foundation course – at a glance

  • How to meditate
    • A meditation practice you can sustain beyond the course
    • A chance to encounter and explore challenges that can arise when you begin to practise
    • The chance to discuss matters arising from meditation – learnings and experience
  • Exploration of what mindfulness is
    • A conceptual framework to help you understand your meditation
  • Beginning to weave mindfulness into your work and your life
    • Beginning to see the applications of mindfulness
    • Beginning to develop certain personal insights/ learnings
    • Beginning to embody mindfulness

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