Foundation Mindfulness Training

Helping you to live and work in a healthy and nourishing way.

Learn how to meditate

The foundation level course teaches you to meditate so you can be more mindful more often. Meditation ‘trains’ mindfulness. If mindfulness is the fitness, then meditation is the exercise that enables you to get fit.

A multi-part course

This foundation course takes place over 3 half day sessions, with about 2 weeks’ gap in between each session. The gaps give participants the chance to practise meditation between sessions. There is a requirement of daily home practice (about 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation) throughout the course. An important aspect of the foundation courses is meeting again to discuss your experience of meditating. This helps you to really learn how to meditate.

How meditating helps you

As a result of meditating, you’ll begin to weave mindfulness into your work and your life and you’ll find you become more naturally mindful. The course gives you the chance to share and explore your experiences of living and working more mindfully. There will also be teaching and exercises to help you weave mindfulness more into your work and your life. You’ll become more acquainted with the multiple benefits mindfulness can bring, particularly in the areas of well-being, life-enhancement and effectiveness.

In a nutshell

This course gives you the opportunity to develop a sustainable meditation practice and first hand experience of some of the benefits. You’ll see how this integrates in the moments of your days. This provides the motivation to keep your meditation practice alive and to keep exploring the potential of mindfulness beyond the course.

It is important that attendance on a foundation course is voluntary.

The multi-part foundation course – at a glance

  • Learn how to meditate
    • Develop a meditation practice you can sustain beyond the course
    • Find out what’s most helpful for meditating
    • Encounter and learn how to work with challenges that can arise when you begin to practise meditation
    • Discuss matters arising from meditation – learnings and experience
  • Exploration of what mindfulness is
    • A conceptual framework to help you understand your meditation
    • Exploration of what it means to live more mindfully
  • Beginning to weave mindfulness into your work and your life
    • Beginning to see the applications of mindfulness
    • Beginning to develop some valuable personal insights/ learnings
    • Beginning to be naturally more mindful

Please note – mindfulness is an ongoing journey. It has been called ‘a journey of a lifetime’. Benefits will be experienced during this course and attendee’s personal exploration can continue beyond the course.

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