Foundation Mindfulness Course

Become more mindful naturally and enjoy a host of life-enhancing benefits.


It is important that attendance at this course is voluntary.

In this course, you will learn mindfulness meditation. You will develop your own practice and this helps you to be more present. When you are more present, you naturally experience many benefits, such as enhanced well-being, improved outlook, better cognitive functioning, more mindful interpersonal interactions, and increased effectiveness. This course helps bring out the best in you and positively impacts the work you do.

How will this be useful to you?

  • You will become more naturally present. Presence brings many benefits, including reduced stress, enhanced well-being and improved outlook.
  • You will learn different meditation practices. Meditation cultivates presence, which can impact all the moments of your work and life.
  • You will develop a meditation practice which you can continue beyond the course. In this way, you get to keep exploring and benefiting.
  • Your increased conscious awareness enables you to see more clearly, make wise choices and experience enhanced effectiveness.
  • You learn to be less reactive and enjoy greater equanimity.
  • You can navigate work and life with greater presence and skill.
  • Appreciation and pleasure increase and life becomes more vibrant, contributing to your wellness.
Please note
The benefits of mindfulness are naturally-arising from the increased presence. It is not about ‘aiming’ for a particular outcome.

What does this course look like?

  • 7 x 2 hour online weekly sessions
  • Up to 12 attendees
  • An opportunity to develop a mindfulness meditation practice – daily meditation practice is recommended during the course.
  • A space to discover what mindfulness is and investigate how it plays out in your work and life
  • A comfortable environment in which to organically explore this life-enhancing theme
  • A follow-on session 1 month after the course – to share gains since the course and to ask any questions to support you going forward

A flavour of each session

Each session will be a blend of…

  • Guided meditations
  • Discussions arising from meditations
  • Teaching of mindfulness principles
  • Explorations of how mindfulness is weaved into your work and life
  • A space for organic sharing
  • An assignment, including a daily meditation practice, and the chance to report back when we meet the next time

Taster session

You may like to offer a half day Introduction to Mindfulness, as a precursor to the Foundation Course. This is open to 25 people. As well as being beneficial in its own right, it will help people select whether they would like to commit to the Foundation Course.

Laser 1-to-1 coaching

As part of the Foundation Mindfulness Course, you can purchase a laser 1 to 1 coaching session at a special rate. This provides a chance for an individual to look more deeply into something arising from the course.

Continuation Mindfulness

Beyond the Foundation Course, there are wonderful options to keep your mindfulness alive and to explore more. For example, you may like to attend a half day Refresher Session or perhaps you want to dive deep in a full day of mindfulness meditation practice.

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