Confidence Training

Feel more confident, comfortable and empowered as you engage with your work and with your life.


Addressing this theme can be enormously liberating and empowering. Feeling confident and comfortable inside enables you to bring your true offerings and strengths to your role without being held back. That benefits you and benefits the business. Feeling more confident also has a significant positive impact for you beyond the workplace, which in turn supports what you bring back into your role.

Training length – 1 full day. Can be delivered as 2 half days.


This Confidence Training enables you to:

  • Recognise some of the main mechanisms of confidence.
  • Identify practical, realistic steps that help you feel more confident.
  • Reduce anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Free yourself from limiting thinking.
  • Relate to circumstances, and to challenges, in a way that keeps your confidence intact.
  • Relieve pressure.
  • Feel more comfortable to be you; aware of your knowledge, experience, qualities, and strengths.
  • Confidently engage in the different aspects of your work.
  • Feel comfortable, confident and empowered.
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Training overview

It is surprisingly common to experience a lack of confidence, whether that is in certain contexts or for certain periods of one’s life. This training course provides an opportunity for you to explore this theme in a safe environment.

We will probe what confidence looks, sounds, feels and acts like. I will highlight key component parts of confidence and how they work. Once you understand these mechanisms and how to apply them, you will have access to a toolkit which can significantly increase your inner comfort and assurance.

You will be empowered to cultivate more self-acceptance and a positive self-view. Elevating your personal confidence will impact your effectiveness in all of your activities, both in work and outside of work. You have everything you need within you to experience greater confidence.

Training themes

  • Identifying, and feeling into, your desired outcome
  • Embodying confident physiology
  • Grounding
  • From self-doubt to self-belief
  • Freeing yourself from blanket perfectionism, unrealistic expectations and pressure
  • Recognising your value
  • Stepping outside comfort zones
  • Experiencing the growth and excitement of taking action in the stretch zone
  • The power of belief, language and visualisation

Group size

Recommended maximum group size is 12.


Here’s what some people had to say…

“Excellent session delivered in a kind and compassionate way.”

“Extremely useful highlighted many areas of self-improvement.”

“Engaging, interactive, sharing experience.”

“This course was amazing and has changed my life.”

“I was thoroughly impressed with how Rachael addressed the group in a passionate, engaging but compassionate way. I was genuinely excited to be involved in the session and it was the opposite of a boring presentation reading from slides or feeling like a tick box exercise etc.”

“I found the course really enlightening.”

“I would highly encourage anyone suffering from a lack of self-confidence to attend and throw your all into it, you’ll feel much better afterwards for it.”

“Rachael was very engaging and constructive. I also liked interacting with a small group of other people who shared the same personal worries and anxieties I might have in my confidence.”

“I like the way Rachael’s experience and passion came across so she could talk freely on the themes without reading off slides. It was also interactive and Rachael adapted the session to suit the participants.”

“I see how confidence feeds into everything and influences how life goes, opportunities, experiences and achievements.  When I feel more confident and at ease with myself, I beat myself up less, feel and act calmer and take things more in my stride….even celebrate my qualities.”

“For anyone who is only just starting their path on understanding wellbeing and self compassion, this training is full of gems and is also suitable to help explore a deeper understanding.”

“Rachael was lovely, so personable and put me at ease immediately regarding a topic that can make people feel uncomfortable.”

“It was clearly structured into manageable sections with no part feeling too long. With some training sessions that last a whole day they can feel bloated and exhausting to maintain interest, thankfully this wasn’t the case.”

“I thought this was a fantastic course. I loved Rachael’s approach, the tools were really helpful, and she tailored the course to our needs. Thank you Rachael.”

“Would highly recommend this session, it makes you feel better about yourself immediately and I’m already feeling less critical of myself less than 24 hours after attending!”

“This training is for EVERYONE.”

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