Workplace well-being & resilience training

Well-being is at the root of your effectiveness

This training enables you to explore the fundamentally important themes of well-being and resilience.  First and foremost an individual’s well-being is inherently valuable.  Additionally, it has a huge impact on a person’s ability to carry out their role effectively.  Promoting well-being among employees is common sense.  It benefits attendance, productivity and motivation.  It enhances health, emotional stability and cognitive capacities, such as clear-thinking.

How long is this course?

This can be delivered as a 1 day, stand alone, course. However it is recommended that you offer repeated days on this theme, spread out over time, eg every 6 months. There is much to explore on this theme. It makes a huge difference to your people and to your business.  Revisiting the theme keeps the message ‘well-being is important’ alive.  Multiple sessions over time on wellness feed into positive shifts in the workplace culture.

Why address this theme?

Sickness or ill-health due to stress is a massive cost to businesses. Work-related stress, anxiety and depression caused workers in Great Britain to lose 11.7 million working days in 2016, according to figures published by the Health and Safety Executive. And stress accounted for 45% of all working days lost due to ill health. Presenteeism (being at work but not fully functioning) is also damaging to business.

We live in a fast-paced world of greater demands, connectivity and complexity. Well-being can be compromised and overlooked in this context. If we are stressed the chance of getting ill is increased, our vitality decreases and our mental functioning is affected.  Many of the attempts for ‘more and faster’ are counter-productive if we don’t also take care of well-being.

In order to carry out our work with maximum effectiveness and in a sustainable way we need have a good level of wellness.  We need to prioritise looking after ourselves.  And a business needs to prioritise supporting employee well-being in various ways – this can include arming employees with useful ideas and tools via well-being training days.

What we explore

We explore what stress is; signs of stress; and ‘good stress’ and ‘bad stress’.  But this is not a theoretical exercise, you get to reflect on your own current levels of well-being in a safe and comfortable environment.  You become more aware of your own habits of behaviour and thinking.

We also clarify the important distinction between a ‘stressor’ and stress.  It’s not just about the external potential stressor, but more about what we do with that, how we react to it. What meaning do we give to situations?  What impact does this have?  Reactions to stress often happen very quickly and below the level of conscious awareness, leaving us powerless to do anything different.  This training enables you to become more aware of the mechanisms of your mind.

Importantly we look at our habits of mind and how these influence our stress levels.  We cover plenty of ideas for how to cultivate healthy and flexible thinking that supports well-being.  We also consider certain helpful philosophical views.  The mind is a very important and powerful tool in relation to our wellness. Positive neuroplasticity is a significant aspect of well-being.  We can strengthen neural connections that incline us to joy, equanimity and ease.  You’ll discover more how to be in the moment now and to let go of what is not in your control; how to make good use of your attention.  In this way you can place your energy in areas that serve you.

Consideration is also given to what constitutes living in a healthy and balanced way and there is the opportunity to assess the current balance in your life.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of and rationale for taking care of yourself.

Work and life contain inevitable ups and downs.  We cannot eradicate challenges.  It is the nature of things.  So how can we improve our ability to ride this smoothly and with equanimity?  How can we be less likely to be knocked? Also we are human and therefore fallible, so sometimes we do get knocked – what strategies can we employ when we find ourselves in this situation? This training allows you to reflect on resilience and discover ways of increasing this.

All of this helps you to feel better inside and that is the root of all success, whatever success may mean to you.

There’s been a huge amount of tragedy in my life and some of it actually happened. Mark Twain

A practical, tailored and impactful training style

In Tall Spaghetti training the emphasis is on pragmatism and impact – this training contains practical tools, ideas and reflections to support your inner wellness, stability and strength.  The training is not generic and allows each individual to reflect and discover possibilities that resonate for them specifically.

A concluding thought

People are a business’ greatest resource and most valuable asset and this training day is a real investment in your people.

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