My passion for people, the mind and emotional intelligence

I set up Tall Spaghetti because I’m fascinated by people, the mind and how it is to live and work well. I am passionate about mental and emotional well-being and about our internal state and their impact on how we experience the world and operate in it. I have been running Tall Spaghetti since 2005. Since then, I’ve been helping  people to increase their inner ease; to get in touch with their natural strengths; and to flourish.

Expanding my horizons

In my 20s, I spent a transformative 5 years living abroad. During that period, and also subsequently, I have undertaken extensive independent travel to some far flung places. For me, this diversity of experience has been mind-opening and has proven to be a springboard for a reflection on myself, on life and on happiness – a reflection which continues to this day. This has led to enriched perspectives and ongoing explorations of the human experience. My adventures, travel and living abroad have also been a valuable test of personal resourcefulness and resilience at times.

Pursuing my passion

Based back in the UK in the 2000s, I avidly engaged with books, courses and other resources on personal development and philosophical ideas. I became interested in the principles of positive neuroplasticity. In 2005, I qualified as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Master Practitioner and shortly after, set up my business, Tall Spaghetti.

In 2005, I also developed a personal practice in mindfulness and it immediately made a strong impression. I have continued to meditate, which supports awareness and insight – both being integral to my work. In line with my own commitment to continual development and to offering high quality training and coaching, in 2013, I attended mindfulness teacher training with Bangor University and I adhere to the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teachers’ good practice guidelines.

I have a Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP. I am always exploring, learning and growing professionally and personally.

My passion has become my work

I truly love carrying out my Tall Spaghetti work and helping people. In organisations, I work with individuals in 1 to 1 executive coaching. I also offer workplace training in Well-being & ResilienceMindfulness and Confidence, as well as training on ‘A Healthy Mindset’, ‘Personal Empowerment’, and ‘A Positive Approach to Change’ – please enquire about these courses.

Fourteen years and numerous happy clients later, I’m still as enthusiastic about and dedicated to my work as ever. Now living in Sheffield, I cover Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, the Midlands and wider counties around the UK. My style is fresh, organic, human and honest, enabling everyone to take away practical ideas and tools and to experience positive change.

A little more about me

In addition to my enthusiasm for work-related matters, I love music, reading novels, doing yoga and walking in the gorgeous Peak District, so close to Sheffield where I live. I make sure I indulge these interests, as I believe in the inherent value of leisure pursuits. But additionally, this helps me to bring ‘the best me’ to my work with clients.

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