Hello! I’m Rachael

I am passionate about supporting people, well-being and personal growth in the workplace. I do this via coaching and training. I share powerful and pragmatic content; guide you in interactive exercises, conversations and reflections; and create a safe space for meaningful exploration and for transformation. The individual humans (leaders and employees) gain and so does the business.

I have been running my coaching and training business, Tall Spaghetti, since 2005. I care about people and I remind people in companies to take care of themselves. People are a business’ greatest resource. I am devoted to helping you to feel less stress and more ease; to experience excellent mental and emotional health; to be more self-aware; to feel really comfortable in your own skin; to work in effortless and impactful ways; to be empowered; and to allow your unique strengths to really shine out.

I work with companies of all sizes and clients have included Rolls-Royce, Virgin Media and Health Education England. Get in touch to find out how I can support your business.

Getting curious about people, myself and happiness!

As a child, my holidays were to the British seaside and my world was quite simple and small. There was a gift in this, as it created a massive curiosity in me. I wanted to know ‘what was out there?’ I decided to find out and set upon a path of exploration. I learnt several languages; I undertook extensive independent travel; and I spent some years living abroad.

Through my travels, I encountered many cultures and people from all corners of the world, often speaking to them in their own language. I relished our similarities and beautiful differences. I was fascinated in people’s stories and experiences. People, connection, curiosity and compassion are integral to my work in Tall Spaghetti.

It was an expansive time. My mind got ticking on what makes us happy. I began to see beyond my habits and conditioning. In my training and coaching, I help clients to take a look at their patterns, to consider where they might be getting in their own way, and to see new possibilities.

My travel adventures were also a personal test of resourcefulness. As I kept stepping out of my comfort zone, I learnt to ‘just do it’ and to be adaptable. I experienced much personal growth. This helps me to support others in going beyond their familiar, stepping into their empowerment and flourishing.

Harnessing my passion for people, well-being and personal growth

When I settled back in the UK, my interest in people, our spirit and our well-being took a different turn. My explorations took the form of delving more deeply into our inner world – I started meditating and studying personal development. I did much self-directed learning. I became an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. I then set up Tall Spaghetti – as an expression of my main interests and gifts in life – helping people to grow. I also trained as a Mindfulness Teacher and as a Coach.

My work is my vocation. I walk my talk. Along the way, life has presented me with challenges, as is the human path, and I have gained insights and liberation as a result – ‘breaking down to break through’. My personal experiences help me to support others and to do this with deep understanding, with sensitivity and with kindness. My own personal development journey is ever-evolving.

When you work with me, I bring all of this, plus 15 years of experience of working with clients and getting excellent results. My style is fresh, organic, human and honest, enabling everyone to take away practical ideas and tools and to experience positive change. It is such a privilege and a pleasure to serve in this way.

A little more about me

I believe in living fully and truly.

Some of my key hobbies and interests include music, dancing, yoga, walking and true connection with those closest to me. This lights me up, relaxes me and helps me to bring the ‘best me’ to my work with clients. Let’s not forget to have fun, rest and leisure!

Tall Spaghetti today

Please note – as of Autumn 2020, there are brand new Tall Spaghetti offerings, which are truly pertinent to these times and are based on research that I’ve been conducting with businesses about their needs. I now offer:

  • 3-mth Group Coaching Programme for Leaders
  • Well-being Training Series – live, online, interactive
  • 1 to 1 Personal Development Coaching – 6 mth deep dive


The website will be updated shortly.

The website map is currently in line with my pre-Covid offerings of  1 to 1 executive coaching; and workplace training in Well-being & ResilienceMindfulness and Confidence. This will give you a flavour of my work and the website updates will follow – thank you for your patience.

My larger motivation

I am delighted that, in my work, I get to help people to feel relaxed, motivated, confident and effective. This then has a positive ripple effect. It not only helps the individual, but it also positively impacts their personal relationships, their working relationships, the work they do, their influence on the ethics of their business. It contributes to the harmony, peace and brightness of the amazing world that we live in. The world needs us at our best, speaking and acting from a calm, positive and authentic place, setting off positive ripples.

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