Hello! I’m Rachael

I am passionate about supporting people, well-being and personal growth in the workplace. I do this via coaching and training. I share powerful and pragmatic content; guide you in interactive exercises, conversations and reflections; and create a safe space for meaningful exploration and for transformation. The individual humans (leaders and employees) gain and so does the business.

I have been running my coaching and training business, Tall Spaghetti, since 2005. I care about people and I remind people in companies to take care of themselves. I am devoted to helping you to feel less stress and more ease; to experience excellent mental and emotional health; to be more self-aware; to feel really comfortable in your own skin; to work in effortless and impactful ways; to be empowered; and to allow your unique strengths to really shine out.

I work with companies of all sizes and clients have included Rolls-Royce, Virgin Media and Health Education England. Get in touch to find out how I can support your business.

External exploration

‘Journeys’ have been a theme in my life – outer and inner.

My childhood holidays were in the UK, leaving me curious about who and what was ‘out there’. This led me to learning languages, living abroad and embarking on extensive independent travel. I encountered much diversity – in people, cultures, sights, sounds, smells and perspectives. I was fascinated by people, their experiences, our similarities and differences. My world, and my mind, opened up. It was an expansive and reflective time. I stepped out of my comfort zones, tested my resourcefulness and developed a ‘just do it’ approach. This all influences my work in Tall Spaghetti. It’s about curiosity, exploration, trying new things and growth. It’s about an interest in people – in what makes us tick; how we can live and work well; and how we can thrive.

Inner exploration

Later, my interest in people, our spirit and our well-being took a different turn. I began to delve more deeply into the inner world. I started meditating, studying personal development and gathering insights as I navigated lifes ups and downs. This engagement in my own personal growth is very much alive for me. And now, in this rapidly changing world, the time is particularly ripe for inner growth.

I walk my talk. This is fundamental in me being able to support you with sensitivity, and from a place of deep understanding and self-inquiry. Tall Spaghetti is an expression of my main interests and gifts.

In addition to my own explorations and self-directed learning, I also became an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, a trained Coach and Mindfulness Teacher.

A little more about me

Some of my key hobbies and interests include music, dancing, yoga, walking, reading and true connection with those closest to me. This lights me up, relaxes me and helps me to bring the ‘best me’ to my work with clients. Let’s remember self-care, rest and fun!

I believe in living whole-heartedly, authentically and with openness.

Working with me

I bring all of this, plus 15 years of experience of working with clients and getting excellent results. My style is fresh, organic, human and honest. I enable everyone to take away practical ideas and tools and to experience positive change. It is such a pleasure to serve in this way and to support your well-being and personal growth.

Tall Spaghetti today

Today, I am as passionate as ever about helping people in business to thrive.

Since the pandemic, I have now moved my business online. And, following research, I’ve created brand new online offerings to really support people with their current needs. I am excited to bring you:

My larger motivation

I am delighted that, in my work, I get to help people to feel relaxed, motivated, confident and effective. It not only helps the individual and the work they do, but it also positively impacts their working relationships, their personal relationships and their influence on the ethics of their business. It contributes to the greater harmony, peace and brightness of the world that we live in. The world needs us at our best, speaking and acting from a calm, authentic and empowered place, setting off positive ripples.

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