Hello! I’m Rachael

I care about people living and working in a fulfilling, joyful, light, and relaxed way. It’s about shining with your wonderful, authentic qualities. This benefits the individual and sends positive ripples out into the world.

I help people to flourish via coaching, training, and courses – in mindfulness, confidence, well-being, and personal growth. I create a safe space for meaningful exploration and transformation. I share powerful and pragmatic content. I guide you in interactive exercises, conversations and reflections. It’s a fascinating, enjoyable, and highly valuable process.

I have been running my coaching and training business, Tall Spaghetti, since 2005. My work is largely in businesses, but I am beginning to create some new options for individuals to attend. Join my Tall Spaghetti Facebook page, or sign up to my newsletter, and I’ll keep you informed!

I care about people and I remind people to take care of themselves. I am devoted to helping you to feel less stress and more ease; to experience excellent mental and emotional health; to be more self-aware; to feel really comfortable in your own skin; to work in effortless and impactful ways; to be empowered; and to allow your unique strengths to really shine out.

I work with companies of all sizes and clients have included Rolls-Royce, Virgin Media and Health Education England. Get in touch to find out how I can support your business.

Exploration, expansion, and evolution – a glimpse into my background

In my childhood I was pretty shy and my world was quite small. I could sense a curiosity to explore. I really wanted to see other countries. Taking a languages degree supported the beginnings of this adventure. As a young adult, I then spent much time living abroad and travelling independently, including naively trying to navigate my way around parts of the former USSR, aged 21! I was exploring the world and exploring myself.

Turning 30, living in Singapore, I found myself looking back and reflecting with amazement at the shifts I’d experienced in my 20s. I had flourished during that decade of becoming an adult. I had activated many new parts of myself, including a ‘can do’ attitude. I had discovered so much about different people and cultures on my travels. My mind had opened to other ways of being, other ways of seeing, other ways of living. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, what must it feel like to be 40 and look back? What else might be experienced and discovered? And what about 50 looking back?’. And the fascination in the lifelong process of personal growth seemed to be born. From a place of deep resonance, I set up Tall Spaghetti in 2005, with a passion to help people feel more fulfilment, ease, joy, and authenticity.

In the spirit of ongoing discovery and open-mindedness, I began meditating 16 years ago, and this is now integral to my life. It cultivates a wonderful state of presence, supports my awareness, catalyses insights, and enables me to look deeper inside. I’ve experienced challenging life events and themes. I’ve broken down and found my way back, renewed. I’ve gone from self-abandonment to self-love. I’ve done, and continue to do, the inner work. I connect more and more to presence, compassion, wholehearted living, authentic self-expression, and empowerment. I continue to evolve. My business continues to evolve. And I support others in their own personal evolution.

In addition to my own explorations and self-directed learning, I have also trained as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, a Coach, and a Mindfulness Teacher.

Some things I love

I love love love walking in nature. It is magic! It brings me much peace and rejuvenation. I am dedicated to going for a long walk in the countryside every week. I also love yoga, dancing, true connection with people, friendship, fun, laughter, and spacious rest time to flow with the moment. This all lights me up, relaxes me and helps me to bring the ‘best me’ to my work with clients. Let’s remember self-care, rest and fun!

Working with me

I bring all of this, plus 16 years of experience of working with clients and getting excellent results. My style is relaxed, organic, real, and pragmatic. I facilitate positive change and transformation. It is such a pleasure to serve in this way and to support your well-being, vitality, and personal growth.

My larger motivation

I am delighted that, in my work, I get to help people to feel relaxed, vibrant and empowered. It not only helps the individual and the work they do, but it also positively impacts their working relationships, their personal relationships and their influence on the ethics of their business. It contributes to the greater harmony, peace and brightness of the world that we live in. The world needs us at our best, setting off positive ripples.

Tall Spaghetti today

Today, I am as passionate as ever about helping people to flourish.

Below is a summary of my workplace training and coaching. And to stay abreast of my new offerings for individuals (outside of the workplace), you can sign up to my newsletter, and follow me on Facebook.

Check out the following workplace training and coaching options – designed to help people to feel grounded, relaxed, confident, resourceful, and at their best!

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