Mindfulness Training

A clear introduction to mindfulness and meditation with practical take-aways to promote your well-being and effectiveness.


This is an informative and experiential training session which provides a clear overview of what mindfulness is, why it’s useful and how you can be more mindful. You will be guided through some meditation, and we’ll look at everyday ways that you can be more mindful. Learn how mindfulness helps you to slow down, pay attention, connect to yourself and your life, gain insight and make wise choices. Discover the power of presence in this nurturing and life-enhancing course.

This session is suitable for those who are brand new, or fairly new, to mindfulness. If you already have quite a lot of mindfulness experience, the training session will provide valuable clarity and reminders and is likely to bring fresh tools and ideas.

Training length – 1 full day. Can also be delivered as two half days.


This Mindfulness Training enables you to:

  • Understand what mindfulness is.
  • Recognise some of the main benefits of being more mindful.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and increase well-being through greater presence.
  • Have a basic understanding of meditation as a way to become more mindful.
  • Discover easy-to-apply everyday tools and ideas to be more mindful in your moments – in work and out of work.
  • Be able to centre yourself and experience less reactivity.
  • Step out of automaticity and make powerful new choices.
  • Experience more joy, peace and enrichment by being more present in your life.
  • Connect to yourself more, so you can take better care of your needs.

Training overview

Mindfulness supports mental health and emotional regulation. It helps you to be more self-aware, and to live with more choice and wisdom. It is enormously beneficial for living and working well. We look at the benefits of mindfulness and at what mindfulness is. You will recognise how mindfulness supports well-being, life-enhancement and personal effectiveness.

Tall Spaghetti’s introductory course shares easy-to-apply everyday ways of being more present in your moments. You’ll discover simple, mindful ways of taking additional care of yourself. We will also look at how to access more grounded presence, which brings greater clarity to your lif, and supports you in responding wisely at times of stress. The tools are practical and easy to take into your work and life

Meditation is a way of training mindfulness, so that in time you gain positive new defaults. I will guide you through some meditation practices, dispelling common myths. This experience will give you additional understanding of mindfulness principles and how these translate into your life. You will be given top tips and useful pointers if you wish to meditate beyond the session.

People report that they find the training accessible, enlightening, beneficial and enjoyable.

“Mindfulness allows you to experience the world calmly and non-judgmentally. It gives you tremendous perspective. You can sense what is important and what is not.” Mark Williams

Training themes

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Why is it useful?
  • Everyday ways of being more mindful
  • A mindful pause – to step out of automaticity, unhelpful habits, and stress reactivity
  • Mindfulness for life-enhancement
  • Mindfulness for taking care of your needs
  • An introduction to meditation


Here’s what some people had to say…

“Very insightful and calming.”

“Excellent introduction to mindfulness, with practical and theoretical teaching. Highly recommend.”

“I left the training feeling in a much better headspace.”

“The training provided a detailed understanding of what mindfulness is and how I can implement mindfulness techniques into my everyday life.”

“This training taught me how to appreciate being in the present. After the session, I felt a great sense of clarity and I felt a lot more alert for the remainder of the day.”

“A fantastic training. Very practical and useful.”

“Enlightening and eye-opening.”

“I’ve been practising meditation every day for 10 mins. I’m feeling less stressed and more relaxed.”

I have a better perspective of what’s important, and what is not, in relation to work, and better work life balance.”

I’m sleeping much better.”

“I have noticed myself concentrating more on a specific task. It helps to complete the task in hand a lot faster and properly! In turn, making me more efficient with time.”

“I’ve been feeling more peace, especially following some difficult times.”

“Brilliant tips for grounding oneself and for being grateful for the here and now.”

“I learnt a lot in this session. Rachael was a very encouraging and supportive lead and I found it fascinating learning about the mind and ways in which we can work to improve our mental health. I felt engaged throughout the session.”

“I really enjoyed learning more about what mindfulness means and how meditation can be used to improve my mental health and wellbeing. This was an enlightening session, thank you!”

Group size

Recommended maximum group size is 12.

Tall Spaghetti specialises in mindfulness

I first began meditating in 2005 and have had a regular mindfulness practice ever since. Meditation is the training ground for being mindful. Mindfulness is ingrained in my being and is integral in how I approach my life and work. I have undertaken training to teach mindfulness via Bangor University. For me, cultivating mindfulness is a life-long commitment and adventure. And I am delighted to help others become more present and experience the discoveries and benefits that follow.

“Mindfulness is a subtle practice and can only be taught well by people with considerable personal experience.”The Mindful Nation report, Oct 15

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being present. Present for the moments, present for what is happening around us, present for ourselves, including how we feel and think. It’s about noticing, and not judging, what we find.

Being present reduces stress. It cuts through the mind’s tendencies to get caught up in the past, the future and in stressful thinking.

When we are more present we can appreciate and enjoy things more fully, which is great for well-being.

Mindfulness is about seeing more clearly. This supports self-awareness and insight. It helps us to respond wisely to the moments of our life. We can make fresh, healthy choices, as we are not so driven by automatic impulses, habits, or conditioning.

Mindfulness is ‘trained’ through mindfulness meditation. Over time, this gives access to the fuller potential of mindfulness.

The roots of mindfulness go back over 2,500 years.  It enjoys this longevity because it makes a really positive difference to living life well.

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Please note
Mindfulness is ultimately a way of being in the world, not a discreet ‘tool’ or technique, separate to life. A great way to cultivate a ‘mindful way of being’ is through a regular meditation practice over time.

Why mindfulness?

Research practical experience have shown that mindfulness has helped people in a number of really significant areas, including:

  • well-being (including overall mood and outlook)
  • esilience (including adaptability, equanimity and emotional regulation)
  • cognitive functioning (including clarity, objectivity, decision-making, focus)
  • emotional intelligence (including self-awareness & interpersonal skills)
  • effectiveness and productivity
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