Mindfulness Training

Discover the magic of being more present.

Why mindfulness?

Research and practical experience have shown that mindfulness has helped people in a number of really significant areas, including:

  • well-being (including overall mood and outlook)
  • resilience (including adaptability, equanimity and emotional regulation)
  • cognitive functioning (eg clarity, objectivity, decision-making, focus)
  • emotional intelligence (including self-awareness & interpersonal skills)
  • effectiveness and productivity
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Your options for Tall Spaghetti workplace Mindfulness Training

A note on your course options

The Introduction to Mindfulness Training provides a solid overview of mindfulness and its benefits. You will understand how mindfulness helps with reducing stress and promoting well-being. You will be guided through some basic meditation. And you’ll leave with simple, everyday ways of being more mindful, including at times of difficulty. This is a full day training session (can also be delivered over 2 half days), that can be offered to the general workplace population or to a group of leaders or managers.

The Foundation Mindfulness Course goes deeper. During this 2-month course, you’ll become more present and begin to naturally tap into the many benefits this brings. You’ll do this largely by developing your own meditation practice over time. This is what creates more ‘default mindfulness’ and this is where the greatest potential of mindfulness lies. This will support you as a person and will enable you to carry out your role more mindfully, sending many positive ripples into the organisation.

The Mindful Breaks are short, focused sessions which enable you to experience some restorative presence in the midst of your working day. We will do short meditation practices so you can feel calm and grounded. You will also take away bite-sized mindfulness ideas that are of meaningful and practical benefit to your life. There are a series of Mindful Breaks. Each one addresses a different aspect of mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being present. Present for the moments, present for what is happening around us, present for ourselves, including how we feel and think. It’s about noticing, and not judging, what we find.

Being present reduces stress. It cuts through the mind’s tendencies to get caught up in the past, the future and in stressful thinking.

When we are more present we can appreciate and enjoy things more fully, which is great for well-being.

Mindfulness is about seeing more clearly. This supports self-awareness and insight. It helps us to respond wisely to the moments of our life. We can make fresh, healthy choices, as we are not so driven by automatic impulses, habits, or conditioning.

Mindfulness is ‘trained’ through mindfulness meditation. Over time, this gives access to the fuller potential of mindfulness.

The roots of mindfulness go back over 2,500 years.  It enjoys this longevity because it makes a really positive difference to living life well.

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Tall Spaghetti specialises in mindfulness

I first began meditating in 2005 and have had a regular mindfulness practice ever since. Meditation is the training ground for being mindful. Mindfulness is ingrained in my being and is integral in how I approach my life and work. I have undertaken training to teach mindfulness via Bangor University. For me, cultivating mindfulness is a life-long commitment and adventure. And I am delighted to help others become more present and experience the discoveries and benefits that follow.

“Mindfulness is a subtle practice and can only be taught well by people with considerable personal experience.”The Mindful Nation report, Oct 15

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