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Tall Spaghetti specialises in mindfulness

Tall Spaghetti offers 3 levels of training courses for businesses: introductory, foundation and continuation. All taught by a trainer with a long-standing meditation practice; appropriate training in mindfulness; and relevant workplace training experience. Mindfulness has been shown to be great for well-being and effectiveness.

Tall Spaghetti is based in Sheffield, so is particularly well-placed to deliver mindfulness training in Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and other nearby locations. However, Tall Spaghetti works on a national basis too.

Your options for Tall Spaghetti workplace mindfulness training

A note on your course options

The best place to start is with the Introduction to Mindfulness Training. This one day course enables you to get an initial view on what it is, why its useful and some everyday ways of being more mindful, including at times of stress.

You can follow that up with a multi-part foundation course. This really supports you in developing your own meditation practice over time. This option requires daily meditation practice in between sessions. Meditation is what cultivates mindfulness. So, a multi-part foundation course gives you the greatest access, over time, to the fuller potential of mindfulness.

The ‘continuation mindfulness’ options allow you to revisit, strengthen and further investigate mindfulness after your foundation mindfulness training.

As you increase your mindfulness, you’ll have the chance to discover how this can make a fundamental positive difference to your effectiveness and your well-being.

Click above for more details of each level. If you would like me to talk you through it, just call me on 07876 495 958.

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Why Mindfulness?

There is immense excitement about mindfulness in many areas of life, including the workplace, and for good reason. In October 2015 the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group  produced its recommendations for bringing mindfulness into the workplace in its Mindful Nation Report. So why the high profile and all the interest?

Broad benefits

Research and practical experience have shown that mindfulness has helped people in a number of really significant areas, including:

  • well-being (including overall mood and outlook)
  • resilience (including adaptability, equanimity and emotional regulation)
  • cognitive functioning (eg clarity, objectivity, decision-making, focus)
  • emotional intelligence (including self-awareness & interpersonal skills)
  • effectiveness and productivity

In fact, it can have a potentially profound and enhancing impact on all aspects of one’s life – increasing insight, wisdom and engagement with life.

Positive brain changes and health improvements

Neuroscience research has demonstrated positive changes in the brain structure and functioning in regular meditators.  Mindfulness has also been shown to have a beneficial impact on the immune system, on blood pressure and on symptoms related to ageing.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when you pay attention to the present moment with curiosity and kindness. It is moment-to-moment awareness of life as it unfolds, including our internal life of thoughts and feelings. This awareness and this interested and compassionate attitude allow us to respond to life wisely.

Although we have pre-existing levels of mindfulness, mindfulness is effectively cultivated through the practice of mindfulness meditation.

The roots of mindfulness go back over 2,500 years.  It enjoys this longevity because it makes a really positive difference to living life well.

Being present

With mindfulness we bring attention to the only moment there ever is – the present moment. We are here more for our lives. In this way life becomes richer.

In being more present, we notice things more and pick up important information, including information about ourselves.

Additionally, stress is reduced when we are more present.

Living with greater clarity and wisdom

From the vantage point of awareness, mindfulness helps you to see yourself, others and the world more clearly.  Through this clarity we can develop insight.

We become less entangled with our thoughts and feelings. We can witness these, instead of being carried away automatically by them. Therefore we can respond to situations with conscious choice.

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An experienced mindfulness teacher

I first began meditating in 2005. Today, I am as passionate about and fascinated in this subject as ever.

I also adhere to professional standards and training. I have attended mindfulness teacher training at Bangor University. I am a registered teacher of mindfulness on the listing of The UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. This means that I have demonstrated (through an assessment process) that I adhere to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for mindfulness teachers.

Although mindfulness can be deceptively simple initially, there are layers and layers, which can reveal themselves over the years. It is often described as a journey for a lifetime. More learnings and insights arise over time and become more embodied. Challenges and queries also come up along the way. A mindfulness teacher who has been practising meditation for a good time will have experienced ups and downs, discoveries and insights and will therefore be in a great position to help you develop your own mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is a subtle practice and can only be taught well by people with considerable personal experience.”The Mindful Nation report, Oct 15

Further to my mindfulness background, I have also been delivering personal development training and coaching in the workplace since 2005 – specialising in effectiveness and well-being.

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