Mindful Breaks

A series of bite-sized mindfulness sessions – for immediate impact and with pragmatic take-aways.


A nourishing break

It is so restorative and helpful to give yourself this chance to be more mindful in amongst the busy, task-filled nature of the working day. These 45 minute mindful breaks bring you immediate benefit, such as feeling calmer, more grounded or having an improved outlook. This puts you in a better place to go back to your tasks, with more clarity and inner ease.

“One’s actions are to come out of an achieved stillness, not to be a mere rushing on.” D H Lawrence

What you can expect

In each Mindful Break, you will be guided through meditation, which provides you with invaluable space and presence. Your nervous system and mind will be grateful!

Each session explores an aspect of mindfulness. You can expect teaching points and room for reflection or discussion.

You will leave armed with tools and ideas. The focus is on easy-to-remember, easy-to-apply and impactful content that makes a meaningful difference in your work and in your life.

A series of Mindful Breaks

Enjoy one session, or many, from this series of Mindful Breaks. Each session explores a different aspect of what it is to be mindful and why that is beneficial.

Example session themes:

  • ‘Just this’ – An antidote to overwhelm, busyness and stress
  • Appreciation – Feel more positive by truly noticing
  • Grounding – Reduce anxiety and feel more centred
  • Tuning in to the Body – It’s your wise GPS
  • Attention – Conscious use of attention can transform our experience
  • Compassion – An antidote to destructive self-judgment, self-criticism & shame
  • We are Not Our Thoughts – For freedom, empowerment & new possibilities
  • Being with experience – Feel into the equanimity and wisdom of non-resistance
  • Beginner’s Mind – See things afresh & with curiosity – for more wonder, insights & innovation
  • Being mode – Letting go of tense striving, and experiencing more flow and naturalness.
  • Mindful Listening – Experience spaciousness, impermanence & relaxation
  • Impulse control – Witness urges and make conscious choices from a centred place

Who is this for?

Mindful Breaks are helpful for everyone. Whether you are new to meditation and mindfulness, or whether you are an experienced meditator, you can always benefit from taking time to be present. The session themes act as useful introductions for beginners or can be useful reminders for those with more experience.

Please see benefits of mindfulness for more information about the many ways increased mindfulness has shown itself to be useful to people.

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