Introductory Mindfulness Workshops

  • Mindfulness Taster

    ½ day session

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

    1 day course

These sessions provide an introduction to mindfulness and to meditation for the workplace.

We look at the benefits of mindfulness and at what mindfulness is. There is the chance to try some meditation and you will be guided through this. Some people may choose to continue to meditate beyond the training session, using the recordings that are provided. As you would imagine the longer the introductory course the more ground we can cover and the more impact can be made.

Tall Spaghetti’s introductory courses also share useful mindfulness principles and tools that can be easily applied to help you to be more mindful.

Please note
Mindfulness is ultimately a way of being in the world, not a discreet ‘tool’ or technique, separate to life. A great way to cultivate a ‘mindful way of being’ is through a regular meditation practice over time.

The introductory workshops open the door for further exploration of mindfulness – either through an individual’s own initiative or through a Tall Spaghetti foundation course put on by the workplace.  It’s a foundation course which will begin to really give you access to the fuller benefits of mindful living and working, as these multi-part courses support you in developing a sustainable meditation practice.

An introductory session can be a taster for a  fuller foundation course

The introductory sessions can stand alone. But if a business intends to also offer a fuller, multi-part, foundation mindfulness course, then the taster session can also serve the purpose of helping people decided if they would like to attend the foundation course. Foundation courses have a daily meditation practice requirement in between sessions, so attendees will need to be committed volunteers.

If the company does not intend to offer a foundation course, then your best introductory option is the full day course as more can be covered and more impact can be made.

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Tall Spaghetti is based in Sheffield, so is particularly well-placed to deliver mindfulness training in Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and other nearby locations. However, Tall Spaghetti works on a national basis too.

To discuss the above and find out how mindfulness training could work in your organisation, please get in touch with me, Rachael, either by filling in this form or calling 07876 495 968.

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