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Enjoy a period of self-discovery and personal growth!

Tall Spaghetti executive coaching has supported individuals in the workplace in their effectiveness, their well-being and various aspects of personal growth since 2005. This has been really valuable for their role and for them as human-beings. As a result of the executive coaching process, coachees report being more at ease and more empowered. They are free to really use their authentic strengths and style to the maximum. People regularly comment that the coaching surpassed any original expectations.

Tall Spaghetti is based in Sheffield, so is particularly well-placed to deliver executive coaching in Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and other nearby locations. However, Tall Spaghetti works on a national basis too. 

Coaching themes have included…

  • increasing personal impact
  • exploring leadership style or working style
  • maintaining wellness, resilience & effectiveness in a period of change, uncertainty or challenge
  • learning to loosen the reins when managing others
  • enhancing working relationships
  • influencing and engaging key stakeholders
  • increasing emotional intelligence
  • improving your mindset and internal state

and more…

Who is Tall Spaghetti executive coaching for?

Tall Spaghetti executive coaching is ideal if you:

  • …want to address a personal development matter

This then enables you to make the most of your pre-existing vocational competence and experience.

  • …are in a key position

You can make sure your personal skills are suitable for your level of operation.

  • …are newly appointed to positions of increased responsibility

This can be a demanding time. You may need help to address certain ways in which you work in order to deliver your new responsibilities.

  • …are getting ready for promotion

1 to 1 coaching can prepare you for a new role.

The Tall Spaghetti executive coaching style

A fluid, tailored style

My coaching draws on mindfulness, NLP and a broad range of influences – we make use of whatever is useful for you. My style is organic so that I can respond intuitively to your specific needs and personality.

A structured framework

At the same time there is a framework which is followed. This includes taking a thorough, non-judgmental and honest look at your starting point; identifying goals* and themes; and checking in on these periodically.  Stakeholders are consulted throughout for their input, as feels appropriate and useful.

*Please note that goals are flexible, so we can respond to what unfolds in the process.

Personalised notes

As a client, after each session you will receive personalised notes, capturing key points from our meeting. This supports development, experimentation and discovery in between sessions and provides a reference point for when we next meet.

Self-awareness and exploration

Self-awareness is key. I help you to be more curious about your experience and to see more clearly what may have previously been unconscious. You gain greater understanding of patterns, conditioning and internal processes. You see what is creating current outcomes.

Armed with greater awareness, new possibilities emerge. It is possible to disentangle from unhelpful habits. You discover how to get out of your own way; to relate to experience differently; and to make new, more skilful choices. In this way, innate capacities, natural strengths and your unique style shine through.

Sustainable change that feels true to you

Coachees often experience perspective shifts and new ways of being. These are deep, sustainable changes. It is common to find the changes so embedded and natural that it is hard to believe that things were ever how they were at the start of the process.

Furthermore, as well as bringing benefits to you in carrying out your role, it often brings benefits to your life in general.

A comfortable environment

Importantly Tall Spaghetti provides a safe environment for reflection to take place.

Coachees say that they find it helpful that I am external to the organisation. Therefore I am an objective third party.

My approach is open, non-judgmental, curious, compassionate. I am fully present for you and your needs. Your goal is my goal. Also I build positive, comfortable relationships with my clients. All of this supports the coaching explorations and atmosphere. Coachees have reported that they not only find it non-threatening, but they also find it interesting, enlightening and enjoyable as a process.

A few practicalities…

Tall Spaghetti executive coaching is bespoke and thus totally flexible. But generally speaking, our coaching process would be over a six-month period. We’d meet up once a month for a couple of hours at a time. This can be at your premises, at my office or another mutually convenient location.

Once the coaching period is over, I will keep in touch with you to ensure that the themes we covered have thoroughly embedded and are continuing to have a positive impact.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself.”Galileo

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Evidence of Tall Spaghetti’s success

People experience great results from Tall Spaghetti executive coaching.

Please see case profiles for examples of coaching success.

And please read testimonials from clients below:

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