Processing Emotions Training

Learn how to process difficult emotions in healthy and constructive ways, so you can enjoy more ease and equanimity.


In our everyday work and personal lives, we experience a range of emotions, including difficult ones such as anxiety, frustration, apprehension, anger, fear, inadequacy, sadness, and overwhelm. However, many of us have not yet learned the best ways to approach these feelings and it can be easy to go into emotional reactivity.

You will learn how to recognise, regulate and process your emotions and you will leave the course with a toolkit of strategies to apply when difficult emotions arise. As a result you will access greater calm, balance, and clarity. These shifts will help you to manage life’s ups and downs, support your own well-being, enhance cognitive capacity, and increase effectiveness in the workplace and in your personal life.

This training is approached with sensitivity and with care.

Training length – 1 short day


  • Be less swept up in unhelpful patterns of reacting to difficult emotions.
  • Respond wisely when difficult emotions arise.
  • Acknowledge difficult emotions from a kind and stable place.
  • Recognise the valuable feedback that emotions provide.
  • Be able to regulate your emotions.
  • Learn how to mindfully meet difficult emotions, so that feelings can be felt and processed.
  • Enjoy greater calm, centredness and clarity.
  • Experience less emotional turbulence.
  • Establish preventative habits that support equanimity.

Training overview

We can easily get caught up in unhelpful reactions to difficult emotions, such as judging ourselves, suppressing feelings, numbing, avoiding, and identifying with the emotion. This can exacerbate stress and feed into distorted thinking, impulsive reactions, and downward spirals. In this course, we’ll explore a range of accessible, nourishing alternatives.

Difficult emotions are part of the human experience and they can contain valuable feedback. In connecting with this, we can hold emotions more lightly and with more trust. As some emotions can be unsettling and can produce overwhelm and reactivity, it is important to have some strategies for regulating emotional intensity. Additionally, we can gently learn to turn towards emotions from a stable and kind place. In this way, we increase our capacity to feel feelings, so they can move through and be processed. We also see more clearly the loop of reactive thinking and urges, stemming from the emotion, and we become more able to not be swept up in that.

We will look at preventative approaches, such as acquainting ourselves with our emotions on a regular basis. We can also develop mindful practices and promote ongoing calm. It follows that we are less easily triggered and can more readily regain equilibrium.

This course is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable approaches for navigating the challenging emotions that we all experience.

Training themes

  • Common reactions to difficult emotions that exacerbate stress
  • Healthy ways of relating to difficult emotions
    • Embracing emotions
    • Regulating emotions
    • Meeting emotions with mindful presence and compassion
    • Responding to emotions
  • Preventative approaches that support equanimity
“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”Virgina Wolfe

Group size

Recommended maximum group size is 12


Here’s what some people had to say…

“Really enthusiastic facilitator with just the right amount of discussion and a steady pace.”

“Thank you very much for today’s session. I had some real moments of enlightenment.”

“I was surprised how much I enjoyed the course as I find processing emotions tricky but felt comfortable throughout the day and able to challenge myself without feeling overwhelmed.”

“Really helpful, thank you.”

“Very engaging.”

“Some very helpful pointers and practical tips on how to handle challenges which seem otherwise insurmountable.”

“This was an excellent course, it worked well online and encouraged participation throughout.”

“The facilitator was excellent and it was an excellent mix of discussing why difficult emotions occur and what we can do to process them better to get more calm in our lives.”

“I really enjoyed this course and would definitely recommend to a colleague.”

“It was concise and clear from the start.”

“Setting aside some time to go to this course has given me ways to deal with the stresses that have inevitably arisen.”

“The course notes are really helpful and I think the course runs really well online and is a very supportive environment.”

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How to Process Difficult Emotions

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