The perfect present

Who hasn’t stared out of the office window smiling as they remember good times past; or dreamed of future plans? Mental time-travel is natural and can be emotionally enriching. So what if you considered that, in reality, the past and future don’t really exist? When we actually experience the future and the past, we experience it as the present.

There only ever is the moment now. Focusing more on the present moment is one of the most powerful yet simple things you can do to develop a more resourceful mindset and lead an enriching life. Our mind’s ponderings on the future and the past can be as unsettling as they can be exciting. It is a common human tendency to dwell on regrets or negative events from the past, or to worry about what might happen in the future. The result: an exhausting sense of ‘busyness’, anxiety and wasted energy.

Unburden yourself by redirecting your attention more usefully towards the here and now. One classic way of bringing your attention into the present is focusing on your breath, paying attention to each rise and fall as its own unique moment in time. Equally, you can bring yourself into the present by paying closer attention to what is going on right now eg being more aware of the activity you are undertaking right now. Often we are involved in one activity while our minds are elsewhere. To help you be present, tune into your senses (eg touch, sound, sight).

The power of being present:

  • You focus on the task in hand and get more done.
  • You listen more intently and meaningfully to others – really understanding where they’re coming from and making them feel valued and respected.
  • Your observation and intuition become sharper.
  • You get more sensory pleasure out of everyday experiences – savouring your food, noticing architectural details as you walk down the street, finding greater appreciation in the things around you.
  • You become more open to new possibilities, the uniqueness of each moment and greater creativity, being less encumbered by preconceptions, or by the past and the future.
  • You see the actuality of what is happening more clearly, uncluttered by perceptions of what is happening. This clear-seeing leads to wisdom.
  • You are present for the only moment that ever is!

As a very wise Cherokee Indian once said,

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

Learning mindfulness meditation helps you to be more present for your life. You can learn meditation with Tall Spaghetti. There are workplace mindfulness courses and public courses. Give me a call on 07876 495 968 and I’ll talk you through your options or fill in the quick contact form.

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