Permission To Be Human

‘Permission to be human’ is a phrase I have used for many years. It’s an antidote to ‘shoulds’ and self-judgment. I am a passionate advocate of this way of living.

We can have a sense that we will be ok at some future point when we have achieved some particular inner state or outer goal. But, we are ok right now. We are ok in any moment. It’s not about getting everything ‘right’ all the time. What a pressure!

Being fully human includes ups and downs, twists and turns, different phases, and imperfections. Things don’t have to look a particular way. We won’t always be ‘on it’, or outwardly and obviously ‘successful’. What is success anyway? That’s a subject for another time!

We are multi-faceted, complex, mysterious beings. Let’s claim Walt Whitman’s words, “I contain multitudes”. Being human is colourful, varied and can be messy. And that is normal. That is beautiful. That is life.

So, rather than judging ourselves for the fluctuations in our experience, let’s shout out from the rooftops “I give myself permission for my full humanity!” And let’s meet others from this place.

We are all just fumbling along trying to do our best, right? Can we let ourselves sink into a deep recognition of our wholeness in any moment, with any emotion and any circumstance? Can we take a deep breath, bringing ease into the body and allowing ourselves to be exactly as we are right now?   

By giving ourselves this ‘permission to be human’, we are more aligned with what is true and we move so much more lightly and freely in the world.

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