Liberation, Creative Self-Expression and Effortlessness

I used to write blogs for my business (some examples on here). And then I stopped – a long time ago. One key reason for this is that it would take me sooooo long to write it, as I tried to drill down to find the perfect word or expression and to really put my finger on what I was trying to say. I would get in such a tangle. I would drive myself slightly mad.

It felt so permanent, somehow, in black and white. When working with people live (training or coaching), I’ve always felt comfortable to just speak, to express. But when something is recorded – in a blog, video or similar, I have experienced some block, some resistance.

At some level I must have been putting such a pressure on myself to ‘get it right’. Perfectionist tendencies. This is definitely a theme that has come up in my life! I don’t think it’s uncommon. Maybe something to do with my Virgo sun sign? Linked to messages I picked up along the way? Who knows? But it limits my self-expression and my freedom and I feel done with it.

I can often be full of ideas and, if the moment is there, then I choose to just put them out there – freely – effortlessly. And in my unique voice. There is no external standard I am ‘supposed’ to meet. I am free to express myself how I do and as I am.

I am rebelling against my own self-imposed pressure here! We create so much pressure on ourselves, I feel. Can we notice that and just stop? And just act. And just ‘be’. Knowing that that is just fine. In fact, it’s perfect.

Liberation, creative self-expression, effortlessness – this is what I now choose. What about you?

And I am posting this unedited, as an act of freedom from perfection. And I am hereby stating my intention to edit less, to self-censor less. Join me? Let’s be freeeee together!