Continuation Mindfulness Training

Keep your mindfulness alive and dive deeper

This continuation mindfulness training is for people who have already done a foundation course with Tall Spaghetti.  It helps you to keep your meditation practice alive and to go deeper into presence. Also, it gives you the chance to discover more insights and applications of mindfulness. In this way, the impact on your well-being and effectiveness becomes more and more profound. Please see benefits of mindfulness for more information about the many ways increased mindfulness has shown itself to be useful to people.

There are 2 continuation options available to you:

  • Mindfulness Refresher (1/2 day)
  • Day of Meditation Practice (1 day)

Mindfulness Refresher

1/2 day

This session supports engagement with meditation practice and deepening understanding of mindfulness.

The session includes the following:

  • You will be guided in a range of meditation practices.
  • You can share what’s helpful for you in your meditation practice.
  • You can ask questions regarding any challenges in your meditation practice.
  • There will be discussions on how mindfulness is showing up in your work and life.
  • New ideas will be shared of how mindfulness can enhance your well-being, your relationships and your effectiveness.

This session is different each time and can be repeated as many times as you like.

Day of Meditation Practice

1 day

This is a day of varied mindfulness meditation practices. It supports engagement with meditation practice and deepening understanding and embodiment of mindfulness. A day of meditating really enables you to immerse yourself in presence. This is a day of practice, not theory. This then translates into your life and enables you to work and live more wisely.

Please note, there will be careful guidance preceding the extended period of meditations. Also, at the end, we will round up with some discussion of your experience of the day.

This day of practice can be done partly in silence or entirely in silence.

“One’s actions are to come out of an achieved stillness, not to be a mere rushing on.” D H Lawrence

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