Deepening in Mindfulness

This continuation mindfulness training for the workplace gives you the chance to explore mindfulness further if you have already done a foundation course.

  • Mindfulness Refresher

    (1/2 day)

  • Mindfulness for Well-being and Resilience (advanced)

    (1 day)

  • Mindfulness for Relationships and Communication

    (1 day)

  • Day of Meditation Practice

    (1 day)

These ‘Deepening in Mindfulness’ options support you in sustaining your mindfulness practice.  They also help you to ‘go deeper’ in terms of discoveries, insights and applications of mindfulness.

In turn, the impact on your well-being and effectiveness becomes more and more profound. Please see benefits of mindfulness  for more information about the many ways increased mindfulness has shown itself to be useful to people.

Please find more information on each of the ‘Deepening in Mindfulness’ options below.

Mindfulness Refresher

1/2 day

This session supports engagement with meditation practice and deepening understanding of mindfulness.

Sessions include the following:

  • You will be guided in meditation practices.
  • You can ask any questions you want about your ongoing personal meditation practice and share experiences with others.
  • We will discuss aspects of mindfulness as they have been arising in your work and life.

This session is different each time and can be repeated as many times as you like.

Mindfulness Training for Well-being and Resilience (advanced)

1 day

This 1 day course provides valuable ideas to enhance well-being and resilience from the perspective of mindfulness.  It builds on the foundation course and on your ongoing meditation practice. Although the foundation courses all support your well-being and resilience, this day looks into this further as there is much more to explore…

This course provides the opportunity to:

  • understand more about the mechanisms of stress and well-being
  • explore mindfulness further, in particular how it supports well-being & resilience
  • explore and deepen your meditation practice

Mindfulness Training for Relationships & Communication

1 day

This training day highlights how mindfulness applies specifically to relationships and communication.  You need to have first undertaken a foundation course before doing this 1 day course.  This builds on your pre-existing meditation practice and understanding of mindfulness.

This course provides the opportunity to:

  • reflect on communication and relationships from the angle of mindfulness
  • explore mindfulness further
  • explore and deepen your meditation practice

Day of Meditation Practice

1 day

This is a day of varied mindfulness meditation practices. It supports engagement with meditation practice and deepening understanding and embodiment of mindfulness. A day of practice really enables you to immerse yourself in presence. This then translates into your life and enables you to work and live more skilfully.

This day of practice can be done partly in silence or entirely in silence. An off-site venue is used for a day of practice.

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Tall Spaghetti is based in Sheffield, so is particularly well-placed to deliver mindfulness training in Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and other nearby locations. However, Tall Spaghetti works on a national basis too.

To discuss the above and find out how mindfulness training could work in your organisation, please get in touch with me, Rachael, either by filling in this form or calling 07876 495 968.

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