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It is surprisingly common to experience a lack of confidence, whether that is in certain contexts or for certain periods of one’s life.  Addressing this theme can be enormously liberating and empowering.  Feeling confident and comfortable inside enables you to bring your true offerings and strengths to your business without being held back.  It also has a significant beneficial impact for you beyond the workplace, which in turn supports what you bring back into your role.

There are 2 training days available on this theme.  ‘Confidence training – level 1’ can stand alone.  ‘Confidence training – level 2’ is available for anyone wanting more!

Understanding confidence

What is confidence and how can we experience this?  Can we understand how we are getting in our own way and get in touch with the ease and resourcefulness that is already there?

These training days enable attendees to discover the mechanisms of confidence.  It sheds light on unhelpful, generally unconscious habits we’ve developed. These habits may be limiting beliefs about ourselves, our colleagues, our work or life in general.  We may discover that we have developed ‘unconfident physiology’ and that small adjustments make a difference to how you feel and how you come across.  After all the mind and body are all one system.  Is our use of language unhelpfully tentative or negative?  What sort of perceptions are we making of situations, often without realising it?  Are we negatively projecting into the future?  Is our attention caught on one past ‘failure’?  Have we generalised as a result of that?  Perhaps we’ve created an identity out of that?

We can be so familiar to ourselves that we can be blind to our own ‘ways’.  Increased awareness can be really enlightening and can break us out of shackles we hadn’t even known were there.  We may discover that we had been living in a virtual reality, acting as if limiting beliefs were facts.  This clear-seeing frees people up and allows new possibilities.

Confidence is not about always knowing everything or always being right. It is certainly not about perfection.  More, it is about recognising, accepting and working with the nature of things – including imperfection.  Confidence also involves maintaining a sense of trust in the midst of uncertainty.

This training is undertaken in the spirit of a non-judgmental, friendly and curious investigation of experience.

The 2 levels of confidence training

In ‘confidence training – level 1’, you will predominantly discover how to make best use of the resources always available to you, such as your mind, body and language. Level 2 takes things deeper and broader.  Level 2 includes aligning with yourself; trusting your ability to handle situations; and exploring how to live in ways that support a confident you.

In both training days, the emphasis is on the take-aways being meaningful and applicable.  You take away learnings, ideas and tools that make a positive difference to your work, to your organisation and also to your wider life.  On the whole the impact is at a deep level, as we explore individual tailored solutions, not just generic ideas.  Deep changes can also occur because we look at the underlying structure that creates confidence or lack of confidence.  Attendees often report shifts of perspective as a result of the training.

It is not about having an inflated sense of self or being better than others.  It is about being natural; being accepting and kind to yourself; being comfortable in your own skin; and allowing your authentic offerings to shine.

“Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle – some things are within your control and some things are not.”Epictetus (Greek Stoic Philosopher)

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