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Are you curious to discover simple ways to increase your inner ease and inner power with Tall Spaghetti Confidence Training?

This training is designed for delivery in businesses and organisations. It is, perhaps surprisingly, fairly common to experience a lack of confidence, whether that is in certain contexts or for certain periods of one’s life. Addressing this theme can be enormously liberating and empowering. Confidence training helps you to feel additionally comfortable inside and enables you to bring your true strengths to your business, without being held back. It also has a significant beneficial impact for you beyond the workplace, which in turn supports what you bring back into your role!

Having gained insight, tools and the ensuing benefits from this Confidence Training Day, you may like to undertake the ‘Personal Empowerment Training’. It’s a great follow-on day for creating extra self-belief and oomph! More information on the bottom of this page, but first an insight into the Confidence Training Day…

Overview of Confidence Training

Confidence is not about always knowing everything. It is not hierarchical. It is certainly not about perfection. It’s not about being the biggest and loudest.

So what is confidence? Confidence is about appreciating and trusting your own abilities and qualities, such that you can comfortably engage with your work and life. It’s about self-belief and inner comfort.

This training day enables you to explore a range of ways in which you can support your confidence, using your inner resources, which are always available to you. The training sheds light on unhelpful, generally unconscious habits we’ve developed. And thus, we can dismantle these and cultivate more effective ways. Attendees will discover the mechanisms of confidence.

So, self-awareness is crucial. The training provides a safe environment to take a look at where you are and where you would like to be in regards to your confidence. You will be comfortably guided through powerful reflective activities. The training is interactive, varied and thought-provoking.

It is common to have limiting beliefs about ourselves, our colleagues, our work, or life in general. You will get a great opportunity to take a look at your own thinking. Is it working for you? There are easy-to-apply ways in which limiting beliefs can be challenged and re-calibrated. We also look at the importance of cultivating self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Adjusting our posture or movement is another straight-forward way of bringing about distinct improvements in how we feel and how we come across. After all, the mind and body are one system. We check in with this – are we making the most of our body to support confidence?

What about pragmatic considerations? Have we properly considered and actioned practical matters that may increase our confidence in a particular context? And what about when we take actions or set goals, are they ‘a helpful size’ to support confidence? If not, let’s adjust. There is so much at our disposal to increase confidence. This training pulls together key ideas for you to easily incorporate into your work and life, providing you with a great ‘confidence toolkit’.

We look at the nature of things. For example, that life can be imperfect. We can therefore make sure our expectations are realistic, so we are not measuring ourselves against something unattainable and then experiencing unnecessary self-doubt. A realistic, kind outlook is very important.

As you engage with the world, do you have tools to ground yourself if you find yourself feeling ruffled? How can you access a sense of safety when required?

We also explore how you can use full-sensory visualisations to create new familiars in your mind. We cover this and much more of real value.

The tone of the training is human, non-judgmental and friendly. It is a curious, pragmatic, and often enlightening, investigation of experience. I look forward to exploring this with you, so you can take it back into your work and lives, experiencing the lightness and the possibilities that come from feeling elevated self-confidence. Hooray to that!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Personal Empowerment Training – promoting clarity and ‘oomph’

This training helps you to feel additionally in touch with your unique offerings and to be energised to take effective action in your role. Personal Empowerment Training can exist as a stand-alone training day. Or it offers an excellent follow-on to the Confidence Training, taking things up and extra notch.

How can you really tap into a productive, enjoyable and contagious positive energy in order to allow your best qualities to truly shine in your work? What is in your sphere of influence that you maybe haven’t considered or tried out? The training day contains many ideas and tools that you can take away and apply into your own lives and work, tweaking and adapting along the way, to discover things that really work for you. The training will help you to feel more alive, more resourceful, more confident, and to have greater clarity on where you are heading.

Taking personal responsibility is really key, as is being intentional. How are you using your ‘units of energy’? How would it be to set intentions at the beginning of the day? In this way, you can focus the mind; gain clarity on what matters most; and identify what you can let go of. What if you were intentional about the attributes you bring into a particular situation? Have you ever dedicated time to a morning routine? If you did, what might that look like for you?

There are great exercises that can help tune you into your values, so you are operating from a strong, authentic base. You will be taken through reflective, interactive exercises throughout the day. For example, we will do an exercise that helps align your values, beliefs, resources, and more, in order to bring ‘oomph’ to the actions you take. This also adds layers of depth to your self-belief. Exploring timelines of successes and peak experiences enhance this further. These positive states can be anchored. This training empowers you in various ways, but also, we note how it is natural to have ebbs and flows of energy and how you can make sure you remain fresh and restored.

The training includes how to set goals, that are well-formed, compelling, believable, multi-sensory, and that remain flexible. Why do we sometimes not make progress with our goals? We look at useful checks you can do, for example that the goal is healthily aligned to the wider context in which it sits.

The language we use really affects the results we get. Some easy language hacks can make such a difference. Visualisations, positive ‘frames’, positive ‘inputs’ and how we impact others – these are further areas we also look into together on this training day. Armed with new perspectives and really helpful tools, you’ll leave the training day with an extra spring in your step and ways to maintain that going forward!

“Humans are producers of their life circumstance, not just products of them.”Albert Bandura

Tall Spaghetti is based in Sheffield, so is particularly well-placed to deliver confidence training in Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and other nearby locations. However, Tall Spaghetti works on a national basis too. 

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Tall Spaghetti’s Mindfulness Training and Well-Being & Resilience Training are also supportive of self-awareness, self-attunement, clarity and inner ease.

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Tall Spaghetti is Sheffield-based, but can deliver training nationally.

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